Space Is A Necessity,
Not A Luxury

Space is a key aspect to the quality of our homes. We need privacy and space to relax, a communal area to eat, an outdoor place to relax – and quite simply enough room to store the vacuum cleaner!

You may find it surprising but many new build homes aren’t built with these basic requirements in mind:

Tape measure
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New Homes In The
UK Are Shrinking

New homes in England are too small. When built, more rooms are crammed into less space – resulting in 1 whole bedroom’s worth of space missing:

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Especially when compared to other countries in Western Europe

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Missing Out!

England, Wales and Northern Ireland are missing out on space standards. London is the only place in the country to have introduced legal minimum space standards for both public and private housing. Outside of London, minimum space standards only apply to social (i.e. publicly funded) housing.


Of people we asked said they were more likely to choose a home that met a minimum standard for space

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